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5 Hot Tips to Overcome the Fear of Cold Calling

By Sales

One of the reasons cold calling is hard because you’re calling someone who is not expecting your call right away and who doesn’t know you. Hence, your cold call is often perceived as a distraction and you become someone who can be easily avoided by disconnecting the call. Many critics would also argue that cold calling is not the best thing to generate new business, but cold calling still generates a good amount of business. Here are some tips to overcome the fear of cold calling and to make things work the way you want it.

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saas growth hacking ideas

6 Basic SaaS Growth Hacking Ideas to Break the Initial Growth Barriers

By Sales

Business today is transforming quickly with rapid technological advancements. Earlier, businesses were all about products and services, but with the introduction of software and cloud conventional business market has changed considerably. More and more companies go with Software as a Service business model and they require SaaS growth hacking. Before they require marketing and sales team. Apart from growth, startups often face financial problems mainly due to their limited financial resources and therefore they need efficient growth hacking strategies that can allow them be creative and optimize the limited resources available.

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Sales Metrics 101: How Numbers Affect Your Sales

By Sales

In the statistically-driven industry of sales, numbers speak volumes. Known as “sales metrics”, they help the sales teams steer their efforts and strategies in the right direction. Monitoring the numbers in the sales funnel is important to maximize conversion rates. Here’s taking a look at how these numbers affect your sales.

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10 Must Have SDR Productivity Tools that Boost Your Sales Team Performance

By Sales, SDR

Tools are the extension of human intellect. They help us do things in a smart and efficient way. Sales development teams have to work hard to bring more business, but with the help of various productive tools, SDRs can make their work life easier and fun. These tools are designed to do different things that speed up the sales development process in various small ways eventually making a big impact on the overall performance.

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sales demo

What To Do Before, During & After A Sales Demo

By Sales, Sales Demo

The importance of preparing for a sales demo is often underestimated. Reaching the stage of closing the deal is a journey which requires constant hard work by the sales rep. From researching about the prospect issues and clarifying all their doubts at the demo to following up with them till they sign the papers – the process is expansive in nature.

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