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We normally hear this that some people are born to sell. Well, that sounds true, but the fact is that no one is born to sell. It is just that some people have the knack to interact with other people in a better way and they have the essential tools that can make their interaction process easier and simpler. Sales development teams have to work hard to ensure that they are able to set up qualified leads and then hand it over to the sales team that can close the deal. However, that is not the only job that sales development teams have on their hand. SDR teams have to focus on end goals. They have to separate inbound responders from outbound hunters and at the same time they have to keep evolving and be creative and optimistic and stay focused on the strategy.

Now all this can be just too much of work for sales development team. Hence, sales development team requires a wide range of SDR productivity tools that can allow them to do things they want to do without wasting time and effort. With the new age technology, sales development representatives can fill in those critical gaps throughout the sales process. These tools also help SDRs to integrate with other sales technologies and offer ease to use and mobile-friendly interfaces and automate some of the common tasks thereby saving time and effort.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 SDR productivity tools.

1. Datanyze

Sales prospecting is tough, but SDR teams have to start with it. In simple words, prospecting is the art of opening up new relationships with target accounts and leads.

  • Datanyze makes the job easier for SDRs because it offers them the opportunities that they need to get started with. SDRs often have to track their prospects to understand how they can approach them.
  • Datanyze provides SDR with information about businesses and clients that have a contract up for renewal or have started or stopped using certain technology provider and much more.
  • SDRs can also use Datanyze for research as they can access information related to company’s revenue, employee count, industrial and social activity. SDRs can also input their own list of prospects and the information is available right on their screen. Datanyze offers an all-in-one browser extension that makes the job of SDRs easier.
  • All the information that SDRs require pops up on the screen instantly. The software also works seamlessly to reveal the best leads inside and outside the CRM based on various factors like industry business, technology, and social data signals. Datanyze also offers better Salesforce integration to access the data right within Salesforce.


2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Using a sophisticated algorithm to provide lead recommendations, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another great tool that SDRs use for sales prospecting. Since the entire process of sales prospecting can be tiring and time-consuming, SDRs need productivity tools that can speed up their process.

  • With LinkedIn Sales Navigator SDRs can easily save leads and create a sales lead list that can help them to find the right prospects. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides lead recommendations based on the preferences set by SDRs.
  • It works with Salesforce and, therefore, SDRs can instantly import Salesforce data. The tool also provides real-time sales updates on the prospects and unlock profiles out of the network.
  • The tool helps in reviewing the profile for past 3 months and reach out to any LinkedIn member through InMail. Building relationships is essential to make sales and this tool focuses on building trusted partnerships even before the initial conversation.


3. Dashtab

While Salesforce seems to be the best CRM known for its scalability, Dashtab further simplifies the job of SDR and make them more productive than ever before. With Dashtab, SDRs can visualize all their leads prioritized in a single Salesforce tab.

  • With so much data being entered it is important for SDRs to have a better view of the information gathered. Dashtab makes that possible as sales development reps can view lead information, automate qualifiers, automate cadences and drag and drop lead status and see real-time performance for everyone on the team.
  • This helps SDRs to manage their pipeline to improve their productivity by saving time on logging activities in Salesforce. It also allows Sales Managers to get an inside look of their sales team performance and identify problems at the earliest.


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4. Yesware

Sales development reps often have to make wise decisions once they have the prospect data. Yesware offer solutions that can make it easier for the SDRs to make these decisions.

  • The tool provides prescriptive analytics and advice based on the team’s sales activity. The tool is integrated with Salesforce and, therefore, provides a better way for SDRs to automatically log data on every email sent, opened and received and every attachment downloaded or viewed in real-time.
  • It tracks email open and reply rates and provides valuable information allowing SDRs to identify the best messages during the sales process. SDRs can now place their calls directly from their inbox, take down notes and save it to Salesforce in real-time.
  • It also automates the outreach by sending email drip campaigns to engage prospects and to follow-up.


5. SalesLoft

Considered as all-in-one prospecting platform by various SDR teams across the world, SalesLoft makes it easier for SDRs to increase the number of qualified appointments and demos.

  • The tool incorporates sales emails with prospecting cadence and shares them across the team. It can also connect directly to the mail server via Gmail or Exchange so SDRs can respond faster.
  • It also automatically removes replies from cadence and can help you send group emails together at once while you can personalize each message as you send it. SalesLoft is well integrated with the phone to track all communication at one platform.
  • It automates sales dialing, auto-populates time zones, and sorts prospects and adds simple voicemail drop and auto-logs all the information into Salesforce saving SDRs lot of valuable time.


6. Outreach

Communication is the key to success for sales development teams and Outreach provides enterprise sales organizations with effective communication framework. With Outreach, SDRs never have to break their flow and they can email anybody using Outreach Everywhere that allows them to email using Gmail or Exchange.

  • The tool allows sales teams to work on top of Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail and various other platforms. This saves time as reps don’t have to switch from one service to another and back.
  • Using Outreach Fusion, all the email activity is logged automatically on Salesforce. It also provides effective personalized templates to speed up the communication process.
  • Outreach Sequences allow SDRs to create structure around personalized interactions, provide intelligent follow-ups at the right time and updates the statuses so that sales teams don’t miss a thing.



7. Hoopla

Sales development teams often have a tough time at work and over a period of time, their work can get monotonous and boring which is why sales development teams need a constant dose of motivation that keeps them on their toes and excited for the upcoming challenges.

  • Hoopla makes it convenient for the sales teams to broadcast their live performances on a big TV screen in the office. It can stream key metrics and visual information that allow sales development reps to further break down their goals and targets and achieve better.
  • The tool connects the entire team in a play-to-win culture infusing optimism and encouraging challenges to perform better.


8. InspireBeats

Lead generation is critical for sales development teams that can further help in bringing more business to the company.

  • InspireBeats is all-in-one lead generation software that allows sales development reps to generate better leads by understanding their business, area of interest and past lead information.
  • It also allows the SDRs to do more research after the lead list is generated.
  • InspireBeats also provides personalized email outreach option that allows reps to create personalized and effective email response or make calls to these leads. It also provides follow-up option for those leads that do not reply after a certain amount of days.


9. LeadGenius

Sales development teams have to work hard to generate verified leads. LeadGenius is another productive tool for sales teams that can offer data-driven insights and leads that can help them close dealers efficiently.

  • LeadGenius provides updated data to target new opportunities from the existing data. This can help sales teams to locate and communicate with customers and prospects effectively and enrich inbound leads for faster lead-qualification.
  • It also provides a better way for direct engagement through tailored outreach solution. Sales reps can create customized messages to maximize opportunities, increase conversions, optimize with A/B testing and scale different campaigns based on insights and analytics.


10. TinderBox

Whether sales reps like it or not, sales proposals are an integral part of successful deals. Sales teams that focus on closing deals often need tools that can help them create better sales proposals. TinderBox is certainly the right tool that can make things easier for sales reps involved with closing deals.

  • With Tinderbox, sales reps can create and deliver sales proposals, presentations, and contracts without wasting much time. This means you spend more time selling rather than creating sales proposals and presentations.
  • They can also track their sales proposals online to keep a close watch on proposals that worked. It provides an inside view of who’s opening, viewing and forwarding the sales proposal, contract, and presentation.


Sales development teams and reps have a lot to balance and, therefore, they need SDR productivity tools that can ease their work. While Datanyze, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and SalesLoft offer a better way to filter the company based on various factors to find prospects. Dashtab can combine all the information and put together in a way that makes sense and easy to understand. Yesware, on the other hand, is a great email tracking tool while Outreach automates the follow-up emails and drips campaigns. To keep the momentum going and to keep the sales reps engaged and excited sales teams need tools like Hoopla that drives the competitive nature of the reps. InspireBeats and LeadGenius are great tools for lead generation, lead research and email outreach while TinderBox saves time on creating sales proposals and presentations which are critical for sales teams that focus on closing deals.



by Jonas Matkevicius

Jonas is a marketing specialist at SalesChakra. He is a certified inbound marketer who drives social media engagement and optimizes content for audiences. He loves to write on sales, non profits and entrepreneurship.