Inbound Marketing

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SalesChakra’s Inbound Marketing helps gets more visitors, start quality conversations, educate prospects and keep your sales team busy, with more leads!


Content with Sales Intent

Equip sales team with marketing content that genuinely educates buyers and enables them through buyer journey. Be it ebooks, industry reports, blog posts or social content for sharing.

We help build marketing content that turns cold leads into warm targets.


Set-up Inbound Campaigns

Premium content like long-posts, guest blogs, webinars, infographics and whitepapers help reach out to target markets that you have not known before. Strategic campaigns designed with purpose and promoted effectively helps in attracting visitors.

We help generate constant flow of highly qualified B2B leads through inbound-multi-channel campaigns.


Marketing Automation

Pulling your hair to get all marketing channels to work together? Or not able to figure out which content, channel or campaign gives you best returns? Put it all on auto-pilot with marketing automation.

We help boost your marketing mojo through proven marketing platforms.

Free Inbound Marketing Review

Schedule a free ½ hour inbound marketing review and see how you can improve your campaigns.

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