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The concept of sales development is usually untouched by most companies, but gradually the emphasis has been shifting towards sales development which would allow companies to initiate the sales in the right way. The focus of sales development team is very much like business development where sales reps work hand in glove with those who are responsible for closing deals.

However, the biggest challenge for most companies is to find the right sales development reps that have the right SDR traits that they can exploit. Here we focus on how you can look out for the right individuals that have SDR characteristics that can boost your company’s sales.



Sales development may sound like an easy task, but it needs more than just skills to make things happen. When it comes to collecting new accounts, companies need to look for creative individuals that come up with ideas that are never tried before.

Creative individuals who think outside the box have ideas when it comes to harvesting new accounts. While they might challenge the traditional sales process and concepts, but they certainly have the potential to create personalized emails and engaging the prospects in a better way which would eventually lead to more sales in the company.



Sales development is a challenging job and to make things happen you need passionate individuals that stop at nothing. If the individual is not completely involved in the business you are not hiring the right person. Passion is the key to drive interest and motivation and if you have a candidate that has a passion to sell or to succeed then you can surely have him on your sales development team.

A good thing about a passionate individual is that they are really excited about their passion and that makes their job easier and far more convincing than those who are just trying to sell for the sake of doing it. A passionate SDR is also willing to work for longer hours as and when required to forward hot deals that matter to your business, while just-another-SDR will not be interested in sitting in for long hours.



When you are hiring SDR you also need to look out for individuals that have integrity. This is really important because you want to make sure that your individuals have moral principles and standards that can make a difference. You cannot really motivate someone that does not have integrity and that can backfire and lead to financial loss.

We all make decisions which resonate with our personality and beliefs. Most often the choices a solution development rep makes may seem insignificant, but this doesn’t mean they’re not important to the business or our customers. Hence, always look out for candidates that have integrity that will allow you to have employees that can make a difference to your company.



Don’t hire an SDR who does not ask questions. Sales development reps need to know more about different things happening around the world and what your industry is doing and how it can affect sales. This is really important because SDRs have to talk to various buyers and, therefore, they should be well prepared to understand the state of mind of their buyers.

SDRs that have the curiosity to know more about different industries can have a nice conversation with their buyers too. Candidates who are not really interested in knowing much about other industries will feel bored talking to different buyers and will not be able to learn more from their conversations with their buyers.

A curious SDR’s should push all limits to ask the right questions to the prospects. Pertaining to this, an SDR should be well aligned to their company’s as well as customers goals. Being well informed about the industry as well as the products ensures good conversations with customers.

Additionally, an SDR should not be hesitant to demand more information about clients business. This showcases the SDR’s passion to know more and hence add more value. The questions should be paced well to suits to client response.

Comprehension Skills


SDRs not just have to be curious about different industries, but should also have great comprehension skills. They should be active listeners and that would allow them to provide better sales for your company. Buyers always do mention about their grievances and their problems to SDRs directly or indirectly and SDRs have to pick up those signals that would allow them to provide buyers with perfect solutions to their problems.

When you hire candidates for SDRs they have to demonstrate that they have the capacity to not just talk to the buyers, but also comprehend and process the information back to the company which then can be used by marketing and product teams to make their pitch.



When you are hiring an SDR you must make sure that the candidate is optimistic and resilient. In sales, even the best candidates can get a negative feedback or response, but that should not deter the hopes of the candidate.

Best performing SDRs are optimistic by nature and they always see good even in bad situations and that is what makes them valuable. They understand that they need to be competitive and ensure that they take positive and negative response in their stride and focus on their performance rather than competing with the team. They also understand that the trick is in generating the right interest and getting the information and not selling.



SDRs need to understand that they are not working alone, but in a team. Hence, they have to be open to suggestions and must have a teachable attitude. Sales development reps must be open to various suggestions and feedback that they receive in terms of how they work and what they are doing wrong.

If individuals are not taking the feedback in the right spirit, it can lead to various scenarios that can lead to a clash of ideas and disputes. If you sense that the candidate is not flexible and does not take feedback in the right spirit it is better not to hire such a candidate.


To conclude, sales development reps should be picked wisely. These individuals must have a combination of traits that help you close more deals. They need to be creative to think out of the box and passionate enough to work hard as and when required. SDRs must also have an integrity which is essential to your business ethics and should be curious enough to know and learn about different businesses around the world which makes the entire conversation with the buyers easier.

With the right kind of curiosity SDRs can evaluate the needs of the buyers and comprehend them in the right way. They should also be optimistic, resilient and adaptable and coachable as per the feedback and suggestions provided. By hiring ones that possess such qualities businesses can be sure that their account executives always have new opportunities and accounts they need to generate better revenue and profit.


by Jonas Matkevicius

Jonas is a marketing specialist at SalesChakra. He is a certified inbound marketer who drives social media engagement and optimizes content for audiences. He loves to write on sales, non profits and entrepreneurship.