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I’ve been browsing the web lately trying to find the best list of 10 people who you should follow if you want to get latest news, tips, help and see what they’re talking about. People who made the list not only talk about sales, but marketing as well. So go ahead and follow them if you want tweets from the engaging sales thought leaders!

1. Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is a sales trainer and speaker. Started in 1998 as a consultant, he racked up clients like Coca-Cola, Kawasaki, Mercedes Benz and others. He also wrote several books to spread sales knowledge. He is very active on Twitter and his tweets speak value if you’re into sales.

2. Grant Cardone

Best Selling author of 7 sales books. His twitter is more personal, but still a great source for sales wisdom. Grant is an excellent guy if you want to grow 10x in a year. He also shares a lot of quotes to keep your motivation up when sales numbers drop.

3. Ian Moyse

Ian is a must to follow if you’re into cloud software. He is specialised in leading sales teams and is titled as a Sales Director of the Year 2015 by UK’s Institute of Sales & Marketing. One of his leading methods is making an example of himself for other sales reps and he does it masterfully.

4. Jeff Shore

Jeff is all about staying bold. His methodology is making a statement of your selling and doing it right! His credo is Sell Bold; Live Bold! Over 3 decades he gathered enough experience to not only teach about sales, but alter your mindset to make a better salesperson.

5. Deb Calvert

Deb focuses on putting people first and does it well. She coaches not only sales leaders, but executives too. What’s more interesting about her is that she puts more predictable approach to get results sooner. She developed a series of questions to figure out who is the best to hire and is a certified practitioner of MBTI testing.

6. Jeb Blount

The expert for sales acceleration. Jeb is a master in coaching sales leadership and people skills. His twitter speaks for itself and you can follow his blog too if you want learn more.

7. Tim Hughes

He is a social selling pioneer. However, he stopped blogging, but he is still active on social media. If you want to still hear his thoughts – follow him on twitter!

8. Barbara Giamanco

Barbara is a speaker, consultant and sales guru. She trained more than 30,000 sellers and her experience is a gem you just found. In matter fact, she managed to close a $500K deal in 30 days after 3 years stagnation. I think, that’s all I need to say about her.

9. Don Cooper

Don gives a new perspective to sales trainings. He customizes them to fit every company’s problems. He is specialized in manufacturing, service, retail, franchises and many other fields that I’m certain at least one of them will fit your needs.

10. Sales Hacker

I think this one is a leading B2B knowledge repository. They are the must follow experts if you’re selling B2B. They also run a blog and a content repository if tweets aren’t your thing. Anyone who wants latest B2B tips and tricks should follow them!

And that is it folks! Top 10 sales leaders, I think you should follow on twitter. If you have more suggestions – feel free to add them in the comments below or mention on twitter @saleschakra

Thank you for listening and have a good night.



Written by Jonas Matkevicius

Jonas is a marketing specialist at SalesChakra. He is a certified inbound marketer who drives social media engagement and optimizes content for audiences. He loves to write on sales, non profits and entrepreneurship.