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What if I could say that you need only these 6 simple tweaks and no additional selling time to double your sales closures? The majority of sales professionals are busy working on their sales skills and talent which would lead to sales performance improvement and allow them to earn a better income and secure their future. No matter what industry you work in, if you’re sales professional you have to ensure that your sales performance is top notch which would allow you to gradually rise up the corporate ladder.

Here you go! The 6 tips on how you can improve your sales performance and lead your business in the right way.

Mission Clarity

Selling your business is an art and you need to master that to improve your sales performance. Not everyone is going to buy what you sell, and therefore, first you must be clear about your mission and what your business stands for. You must also focus on your business and evaluate the target audience who will be willing to purchase the products and services you have to offer. On the other hand, you must also be clear about how you will approach your prospects and introduce your business products and services and later convince them to buy it.

Focus On Consumer Needs

When you want to excel in sales you have to focus on what your customers need rather than what you want. It makes the entire sales process easier and convenient and all you have to do is make the consumer realize that your product helps to meet their needs. You may want to emphasize on the features and benefits of the product/service you are selling and how it will affect the customer positively making their life easier and better.

Divide Your Goals

Achieving a goal can be complicated and bit hard when you look at it in singularity. However, it becomes easier when you divide your goals into smaller workable parts. If you believe that you have a goal at hand that is giving you nightmares, you should break it down and focus on each segment to work it out. When you achieve and complete smaller workable segments one after the other you will see that the larger goal is no longer a daunting task.

Let me give you an example, but first you have to question yourself this – are you feeling overwhelmed by the big sales pipeline you’ve got to generate?

Answer is pretty straightforward:

  • Break it down into hourly chunks of prospecting.
  • Measure yourself on smaller goals (like the number of prospecting emails you send out rather than a number of opportunities you generate).
  • Using this method the results will begin to show up.

Be Creative

Every person or business to whom you sell your business is different and therefore, you need to be creative in how you approach and how you convince the other person or business to buy what you have to offer. You have to gauge his requirements and needs and what kind of solutions he/she is looking out for. If you can provide your client with a practical solution to his or her problem you can improve your sales performance. Always remember there is no set rule for selling so think of creative ways to convince your buyers that you have what they need.

You may ask, but what if I’m not a creative? Check this article on Pipeliner CRM blog which claims that top performers do come with a creativity in their skill-set and suggests some ways to improve the situation. I can reassure you, it will definitely help!

Listen Carefully

A good sales professional is one who listens to his customers carefully. Every customer and client do hint about what they want and what kind of products and services they are looking for. If you want to improve your sales performance, you need to listen to your customers and clients and respond accordingly. This will help you to make the right approach and offer them solutions that they need.

Moreover, Mark Suster described the power of listening in his blog. The quote that really stood out to me was – “Beware of crocodile salesmen: a big mouth and no ears.”. You simply can’t solve clients needs if you are the one talking. You can’t read their minds! You have to LISTEN in order to SELL successfully.

Develop Your Attitude

Your attitude can take you a long way. It is, therefore, essential that you have the right attitude that can allow you to be straight and convincing to your clients and customers. As a sales professional you need to conquer your fears of failing to make a sale and instead, focus on enthusiasm, commitment, persistence, happiness and confidence that can improve your sales performance. Focus on your goals and maximize your time to get the most out of it and you’ll see the difference it makes to your sales performance.

In a competitive world where business is all about sales it is important that you keep your mind in control and focus on how you can make a difference to your customers and clients by offering them better products and services rather than being worried about your sales commission which only leads to imaginary fears and insecurities that weaken your confidence and career objective.

Ask anyone – all the greatest sales people will tell you these tips. Because that is what they do to sell better and close more. Simple as that, take it or leave it. But if you want to close that biggest deal of your company’s history, you better follow these rules!

And meanwhile check these 5 habits that greatest salesmen employ, they will definitely help in your pursuit.


by Jonas Matkevicius

Jonas is a marketing specialist at SalesChakra. He is a certified inbound marketer who drives social media engagement and optimizes content for audiences. He loves to write on sales, non profits and entrepreneurship.