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In this competitive age and time, organizations are increasingly pumping their resources and energy towards achieving aggressive goals. Since sales reps play a critical role in achieving these goals, the pressure of having to overperform is always present. And, the qualities of a highly successful sales rep have always been a topic of discussion.

Did you know that only 10% of sales reps are high performing and precisely 2/3rd of reps fail to achieve their yearly targets? While the numbers might send your thoughts in a tizzy, the question that needs an answer to here is “what makes some of the sales reps perform so efficiently, while the others struggle their way through?”

Well, here are 5 habits that a highly successful sales rep follows ‘always’:

1. They prepare for every meeting

A successful closure of a deal isn’t just dependent on the sales rep’s skill set, but also how prepared he was beforehand. An effective sales rep doesn’t wait for a sign to start preparing for a possible client meeting or a follow-up call.

Instead, he or she is quick to gather information about the prospects’ professional background and get an idea about their requirements, and challenges much before the meeting. This step is necessary to anticipate the prospects’ questions and meet their expectations efficiently.

An effective sales rep takes out time to study the product in depth, including its important functions, possible use cases and future product updates. This lets them explain how the product is different from what the market offers and its competitive advantage. For this, they frequently take feedback from existing customers and stay up-to-date with the industry trends.

To close the deal even faster, efficient sales reps also keep a tab on the industry forecasts and the competitor’s activities.

2. They maintain objectives

A good sales rep is the one that you will find studying the opportunities given to him, instead of jumping right into them. Such a rep is focused and knows exactly which lead deserves more attention. To identify quality leads, the rep consistently evaluates every opportunity that comes by.

Once the rep qualifies the leads, he shortlists the prospects and creates a strategic plan to approach them. He considers market trends, industry trends, customer needs and identifies the key players that would determine the success rate of his strategy.

An efficient rep fixes set objectives for each day. Whether it is making a call, dropping a follow-up email or pursuing a new lead, he ensures the first task on his list is completed before he moves to the next. This approach of outlining the workflow before starting, helps him achieve his targets faster.

3. They make data-driven decisions

The biggest difference between a performing sales rep and others in his team, is the fact that he makes only data driven decisions. Be it the number of calls that need to be made, number of prospects that need to be visited or even the type of prospects that should be pursued, the rep defines everything for himself based on existing patterns and industry forecasts.

But apart from just focusing on indicators that help him reach his targets, he also focuses on other aspects such as cost reduction, productivity boost, resource optimization, call rates, win rates, conversion rates, sales cycle length, marketing collateral usage and revenue growth. These insights help him strategize an effective sales process.

4. They make use of tools

Sales reps are forever running from pillar to post to get the job done. From scheduling sales calls and meetings with leads to fixing appointments with prospects, there’s a lot that the rep needs to accomplish everyday. Thankfully, there are a number of sales tools to help make their lives easier.

A smart and efficient sales rep equips himself with the right sales toolkit, even before the sales process begins. Sales tools such as Calendly,, Hello Sign, Charlie App and others, help the rep stay organized and extremely productive. These tools basically identify the common challenges of the sales reps on a daily basis and offer solutions that minimise everyday manual efforts.


5. They work towards improving their performance

In order to grow, a professional must always take not only the responsibility of his or her downfalls but also make efforts to turn his weaknesses into strengths. This is applicable in every field. An effective sales rep is the one who is open to feedback, learns from mistakes and available to get coached or trained by others in the industry to perform better.

The sales rep understands how imperative it is to stay updated with the ever increasing customer data available across the web and the changing industry needs. According to an article on HubSpot, this is the #1 quality of a successful sales rep.

Reaching a position of effectiveness at work is not easy for a sales rep. In fact, as an individual, he or she might not really be able to adopt all the above mentioned habits. What really determines the success rate is the ability to look into the smallest of market details available to extract meaningful and actionable insights.

What do you think is the distinct quality of an effective sales rep? Feel free to drop a comment in the box below and let us know!



by Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a content specialist at SalesChakra. She comes with a background in marketing communications and social media.