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Do your sales suffer low productivity or high turnover? While you are more focused on how to improve their sales, you could miss out on hiring sales people and that’s what makes a difference. Hiring the right salespeople is challenging because you cannot find high caliber sales reps consistently. Hence, companies tend to pay equal attention to sales recruitment process that allows them to recruit better talent and add to the overall business productivity. Not interested? Well, I hope you’re aware that hiring the wrong salespeople does not only lead to financial loss but also lead to a missed opportunity which you might not recover.

So once again, how do you make sure that you are hiring the right salespeople that can add productivity to your business?

Evaluate Weaknesses

Businesses always focus on positives of the sales reps they hire, but it’s time that you also evaluate the weaknesses which would indicate if that individual will be able to succeed as a sales representative.

Know what fits the job

When hiring sales personnel you need to be very specific about the job requirements. This will help you to look for candidates that have specific talent and experience and help you make the right choice when hiring.


Specific Job Ads

Some sales job ads are more focused about the company and what kind of position is available, along with benefits company will offer. These ads are not specific about job requirements and hence do not attract the right salespeople. Make it clear of what you’re looking for!

Correct Places to Run Ads

Are you placing your ads where top salespeople are looking? If you’re placing your ads on the wrong websites you will end up hiring wrong people. Research and find out which are the best websites where top salespeople look for job opportunities. Hint: LinkedIn.

Ignore Resume Reviewing

Do you review hundreds of resumes to find the right salespeople? Reviewing multiple resumes will only waste your time as you would be hiring candidates based on their educational and technical qualification and not on their sales skills and talent. Sales is a highly hands-on skill, so be sure not to judge your future sales reps by their theoretical achievements.

Conduct In-Person Interview

Interviewing is a skill that comes through experience. When you are hiring salespeople you need to uncover whether the candidate has the skill, track record and the desire to learn and thrive in the competitive sales environment.

Offer Testing Period

Even when you are sure you have hired the right salespeople you need to offer 90-day testing period offer to the candidates to see if they can live up to your business expectations and perform well.

To sum up, hiring salespeople is a tough task because most salesperson hiring processes produce inconsistent and poor results. This is mainly because companies are not specific about the job requirement, they do not evaluate the weaknesses of the candidate, the ads are not specific to attract the right candidates and too much time is wasted in resume reviewing and inefficient ways of conducting personal interviews. If you focus on all these fields we guaranteed that your sales recruitment process will turn out to be a well-oiled machine!

Let us know what kind of tools do you use when prospecting and hiring your next best closer! Respond in the comments below.



by Jonas Matkevicius

Jonas is a marketing specialist at SalesChakra. He is a certified inbound marketer who drives social media engagement and optimizes content for audiences. He loves to write on sales, non profits and entrepreneurship.