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Unlike the various marketing techniques that businesses follow, the end goal of sales is pretty direct – generating a lead and closing the deal. While making cold calls, sending out emails and visiting prospects make up an important part of the sales strategy, a sales rep needs the right set of sales productivity tools from the start as well.

If you’re setting up a sales team for the first time or re-organizing it, then a news sales hire must have access to sales tools, that aren’t just affordable but also fit for all businesses sizes and teams, from Day 1:


A calendar plays a huge role in the daily routine of a sale rep. From scheduling sales calls and meetings or fixing appointments to engage more prospects, a sales rep is on his toes throughout the day. Both the apps assist in reducing the flipping back-and-forth of emails.

While Calendly allows the prospects to pick time frames that actually work best with them, it can also be used to connect multiple calendars to a single account. prevents “double-bookings” and automatically converts the time zones between the reps and prospects.

2. aText

This app expands the text by creating keyboard shortcuts for fragments of information (such as address, signature, URLs, etc.) that are repeated numerous times in the emails during the day. It is a time saving tool that accelerates typing speed on mobile by replacing those abbreviations with actual words.

Apart from this, a sales rep can insert formatted text and images with the help of aText and automatically capitalize new sentences. The tool can also be used to insert the current day, date and time in any format the prospect may prefer. It certainly simplifies the process of emailing via mobile devices.


Apt for smaller teams, SalesforceIQ prepares CRM solutions instantly, as soon as it is connected with Gmail or Exchanges account. It helps the reps prioritize the interactions with the prospects and keeps the on-going deals updated by archiving the emails exchanged, meetings held and phone calls placed. This, in turn, lets the reps focus on their selling.

On the other hand, offers CRM solutions to mid size and large scale companies. Sales reps can also get Salesforce1 on their phones for accessing customer data from anywhere and everywhere – making them more productive, even on the go.

4. ToutApp

This tool lets sales reps collect valuable insights quickly via personalized emails and tracking – which further aids in simplifying the scheduling processes. Since scheduling appointments with prospects is an important part of the sales process, this tool’s integrated sales intelligence to track prospects makes it a lot easier for the rep.


Appropriate for arranging informal and formal meetings or presentations, offers web conferencing solutions to sales teams. The rep can use the tool to meet the prospective client from anywhere and through any device. Other notable features of the tool include personal meeting links, one-click scheduling and the ability to record meetings.

6. Ecquire/Ebsta

These tools help the sales reps in searching, updating and adding new information to the CRM without breaking the workflow. Ecquire, in particular, lets them access the web from anywhere, since it is a workflow productivity tool.

Data entry is a tedious and a time-consuming process. Using Ebsta here makes more time for the sales reps by archiving received and sent emails properly, filling missing contact details though a multitude of social and professional profiles.

7. DocSend/HelloSign

During sales, document exchanging between parties is very common. To handle the documents better, a sales rep can use DocSend to track, optimize and control the business documents sent. In addition to this, the tool also provides actionable document insights for the rep’s perusal.

On the other hand, HelloSign makes signing the papers a lot easier with online signatures and completely eliminates the process of printing, signing and scanning the documents manually.

8. Charlie App

This tool offers quick insights to the sales reps about the prospects they are about to meet or approach. Charlie App scans through its vast resource base and sends a one-pager on whoever the sales reps are scheduled to meet next. This eradicates the need to execute a manual search on the prospect to understand who he is and what he needs, better.

9. Grammarly Extension

There’s nothing better than a well-written and error-free email copy. Sales reps are always multitasking and this tool is an absolute boon for them. Grammarly does a quick check on the emails looking for grammatical errors, ensuring readability and scanning spelling mistakes before they are sent out.

And of course..

10. Phone!

Mobile phones offer a great degree of flexibility in terms of connecting with the prospects and emailing them whenever the need be. With Mobile CRM on the rise, it has become even easier to access updated data, thus making the mobile phone the most powerful tool of them all for sales reps.

The above-mentioned list just includes some of the tools we use in our team to increase sales productivity. While there are a lot others available in the market, these are certainly good to start with.

After all, it is critical to not only fill gaps in the sales processes but also be more productive as a sale professional. And the one effective way to ensure this is to be equipped with the right resources.

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by Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a content specialist at SalesChakra. She comes with a background in marketing communications and social media.