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And it took you weeks to get to this moment. Schedule a 30 min call with the customer where you have (hopefully) the koenig’s undivided attention. And if you’ve been strategic, you’ve managed to get other stakeholders in the call. No pressure, folks!

How can you structure your call strategy? more important so, just hours before this call.

As Elay Cohen’s Saleshood program nails it – it boils down to Answers, Attitude and Action. 

The only Answers that matter during the call do one of the two things, either they “amplify the pain” or “create irresistible pleasure”. Each customer call, no matter how many with the same customer, should seek to confirm the significance of compelling event driving the target sign off. Answers must be obtained that clarify desired benefits or pains. Each call should also be used as an opportunity to confirm if the competition is still in play. The Quality of your answers during each call is dependent on the quality of question asked. Plan those questions!! Or rather Plant it.

The only attitude that is not desirable is “indifference”. If the customer is consistently showing this – the game is over! The other end of spectrum is when the customer explains “Mate, I want this so bad” or “Geez, I never realized it hurt so much”. Remember amplify the pain, double the pleasure as the cost of not using or using your solution. What attitude do I want to inspire in this call? Is it having a clarity in decision making process? Is it attitude of knowing you better as an expert? The two books (The Challenger Sale & The Ultimate Sales Machine) put this very clearly – if you are unable to educate the client followed by challenge their attitude – you cannot be the trusted partner.

Finally, with end goal in mind – what is the minimum action that this call can trigger that will take us to the goal. Is it the email confirmation on the mutual action plan? Or is it the agreement on providing clarity on decision making process? Or introducing the senior VP who decides? Or even signing on the dotted lines. The Call Plan is incomplete or rather does NOT start without having crystal clear Call Action set in place.

So next time you get into a customer facing call, make sure you spent 5 mins atleast in mind mapping the goal and action, what new attitude you’d like to inspire and what answers you can have to achieve that clarity.

Happy Calling!