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Since the time I launched SalesChakra site, I have had chance to interview a few people for expanding our sales team as well as a clients. One thing that I learnt well is that it always helps to drive clarity in the process of interviewing. What does that mean, really? It becomes even more imperative to build that clarity for a startup (or a startup sales team within a bigger organization).

The sales candidates need to know- 

  • What the company is doing,  its focus markets, its focus customers.
  • What is the process of selling, the length of sales cycle?
  • Typical deal sizes, kinds of people we talk to?
  • Why we are selling these? (Probably the most important question that gets a high performing sales rep to switch boats to a startup)
  • Whats in it for them? base pay versus commissions. What is the probability of making commissions / week.
  • What will they learn? What skills? What connections?
  • What will it take to do that job? What is the performance profile?

That’s part of recruitment of sales people.

I found DISC profile test to be really revealing where it discusses the strengths of each profile as well as goes on to discuss what kind of job position is suitable for them. My earlier articles discusses these strengths of sales people.

Spending some good thoughts on the above question and creating a framework on performance profile would lead to two problems – Disqualify many candidates earlier than expected (definitely a problem if you don’t have many candidates anyway). And really get some of the smartest reps to be excited enough to join you, without ‘pay’ or compensation being a show stopper (A happy problem of course).

That’s what I’ve got so far.