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What is the best CRM tool for a startup?

By October 10, 2016Questions and Answers

Pipedrive is positioned around small sales team’s tool, for simple sales management processes. If you are adding people to customer success and pre-sales role but without much need to add ‘process trackability’ to their work on CRM, then pipedrive might continue to be a decent solution.

If you are creating high velocity sales team, with an intent to ramp-up time spent on phone (and recording conversations for feedback), then CRMs like HubSpot CRM (basic free for all users) and might do the trick. These CRMs allow you to call from the CRM itself without additional software. Hubspot also has auto-email cadence i.e. sending automated follow up emails and forgetting about reconnecting. Pipedrive might rely on integrations with 3rd party vendors to do calling and cadence based emails.

However, salesforce beats all CRMs in terms of flexibility to customize process per each department, reporting & dashboard customisation for your sales intelligence and integration with most apps in sales environment.

In short, if you’re a small team and a standard sales process across sales team – continue to work with Pipedrive. If you’re sales team is going into ‘marketing’ role with high-velocity selling, larger target audience & multiple touches – then it makes to automate some of that with marketing focused tools like Hubspot CRM. And if you’re getting ready for complex sales process and ready to propel your startup rocket – salesforce beats them all (but its expensive, unless you qualify for non-profit / social enterprise deal).

(Disclaimer: I’ve sold and used CRM as an employee. And now I use Hubspot CRM + Sales Tool as a small business owner)

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