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All in One Trigger Event Selling!

Inspired by SHIFT!

Thank you for attending the meet-up and I hope you enjoyed the presentation! We decided to make your experience better and compiled a list of resources that could be applied when kicking off your trigger based selling process. It’s much simpler than it actually seems and it’s an effective way to find new clients. If you are fast enough!

As mentioned, you will receive:

1. Actionable Guide to Trigger Event Selling.
Just follow 5 steps and you will start tracking trigger events all over the internet.

2. A list of Trigger Events & Tools to track them.
Tools are divided into 3 categories based on the SHIFT!

3. Trigger Event Selling Presentation – Berlin Sales Meetup Sept 2016
Didn’t take notes? No worries, the whole presentation is available here.

4. A one-stop compilation of blog articles on Trigger Event Selling.
We handpicked some articles from our blog that you will help you sell better.


Get it NOW!