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I help B2B SaaS Startups increase their sales-rep productivity and cut their ramp-up time in half.

(based on methods perfected at Salesforce.com and Signavio)


9 out of 10 scale-ups fail to excite, engage and ramp their sales reps in their first attempt.

Hiring is hard but motivating your reps to perform is harder. Very often poor training program results in signs of missed performance.

Long time to productivity & inconsistent performance

Poor Retention & Low Rep

Inconsistent Customer

Your new hires want

not a "shadow-me" onboarding program.

Before you hit the gas…
…tweak your new hire training program with

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Revenue Bootcamp is a done-for-you program that accelerates your new hires from onboarding to peak performance


Boost Rep Confidence to Perform

Your new hires feel confident to start engaging prospects and customers in week 1

Shorten Ramp to
Quota + Performance

Reps start performing faster, get coached on paint points and deliver consistent quota 3-months ahead on average

Foster Team Bonding &
Sales Culture

Reps come out of the program excited, knowing the go-to resources and people in your company

Increase Average
Deal Sizes

Average deal sizes increase as confidence and knowledge of reps are standardized and tested.

And you get to focus on
sales execution & growth…

while I get your team trained, tested and ready to perform.​

Replicate Results. Not work.​

GoToMarket Onboarding​

“Done for you” customized training content around understanding your target customers, your products messaging, your customer’s buying process, and your product positioning. The content is built, delivered, assessed in close collaboration with your team. High spirited interaction and fun activities are pivotal to workshops delivered in-person or remote. 

30-60-90 Day Ramp Program​

Weekly guided activities for 90 days that move the needle for your reps and you. Tasks reinforce behaviour towards key milestones like the first discovery call, 1st demo, new pipeline generation, etc. Filled with micro-coaching, self-assessments and journaling, sales managers get a good grip on reps behaviours that give tell-tale signs for early wins or losses.

Power up Sales Enablement Systems​

With standardized micro-assessments, your new hires graduate from the program as certified customer evangelists. The New Hire Dashboards assist your managers to get the pulse on your new teams capability. Whether you are incorporating new selling methodologies like MEDDIC or organising sales enablement tools (content or learning management systems), I will partner with you to make their adoptions get you return-of-investments.

Even professional athletes practice...
Revenue Bootcamp is your sales teams practice ground

Frequently Asked Questions​

We do not create the content for your custom program. We start from and re-use most of the content that you have available. From our experience, most of the content for the bootcamp is already available, unless you are the only founder-sales team. The success of execution lies in distilling the content, and making it available in bite-sized chunks and serving it at right points of onboarding.

The source and delivery of content is carefully planned with the founders and heads of the department. The delivery is often carried out by sales leader, product leader, head of marketing. Again, it is important to distill the right amount of content, and make it consumable in a fun, engaging format to support retention as well as application.

Sales trainings are often need based, covering specific aspects needed to support your teams execution capability. This is a ‘just-right’ program for new hires who often do not have much context to your company specific information. It is generalised, covers the breath of knowledge and information needed for new hires to start crawling and walking very quickly. Having said that, there are pieces of generalised sales skills trainings around elevator pitches, demo trainings, prospecting.

Great idea! And go ahead and do it. I recommend getting a sales enabler right after you’ve secured 7+ sales reps, or 15+ GTM team members or EUR 2M+ ARR in revenue. If the time is right, I can help you reach out to my network to find you one. Very often, successful sales enablement people promoted organically from marketing, sales or product teams.

If you have more than 15 go-to-market team members and hiring fast that you do not have time for onboarding, coaching and training, then this program is for you.

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