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Case Study – VisasandPermits  United Kingdom & India Professional Services


  1. CEO diagnosed lower productivity in sales and case handling. While case workers were capable of handling 70 cases, they were only handling 40.
  2. Manual reminders and person dependent follow ups led to missed deadlines and loss of sales.
  3. Each sales rep had his/her own process and documentation that was sent to customers. This created in accuracies in information presented to customer. hence firefighting.
  4. Training new hires in a rapidly growing company is hard, required personal involvement of CEO.
  5. Employees / especially sales staff have lower visibility on their incentives program.


  1. Customized SFDC for 4 sets of users / profiles across different teams.
  2. Interdepartment process customizations included Sales, Post Sales consultants, Payments (finance) and Management level.
  3. Used Sales Cloud for customization of highly automated processes using visual force based workflows and triggers.
  4. Daily event based follow up tasks were automated for sales and project staff, removing any scope for delays in customer servicing.
  5. Standardisation in customer facing communication through automated emails, custom document generation through visualforce.

Technology Used



  1. Visibility on leads flow increased dramatically.
  2. The follow up rate with clients increased due to automation.
  3. The time taken to move new interest to closure as well as further client servicing reduced drastically.
  4. Roll out across 3 teams in 3 countries with 1 system ensured better collaboration and faster dissemination of information (top down).
  5. CEO has better visibility through analytics on each stage of the process viz-a-viz leads flow in sales bucket, time taken to close and process cases and financial impact of closures through $$ tracking on


60 Days





“I loved SalesChakra’s approach of engaging in in-depth discovery. Deepanker always led conversations with lot of questions and that helped us to clarify our needs and expectations much early on. The experienced salesforce consultants at SalesChakra made the delivery process super predictable.”

stacy fletcher
Stacy Fletcher, CEO,